NEW MUSIC: Daley – Blame The World

The ever so amazing Daley, releases a short EP, that brings back some of his previously amazing songs from the Those Who Wait mixtape, but also features 3 new songs! ‘Blame The World’ is among one of them, which is not necessarily new since it’s been out in acoustic form for quite some time, but the studio quality is just amazing. The string features are just amazing, and of course nothing bad can ever be said about Daley’s soulful vocals.

I’ve already bought it, as should you! It’s available on itunes in the US, and if you are hesitating on buying it because there isn’t enough new material for you, well I beg to differ! The 3 extra songs you get, are more than worth the money you pay for the whole thing!

Now get lost in ‘Blame The World’ below!

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