NEW VIDEO: Swindle x Daley – Sympathy

We finally have the visuals for the very funky collaboration between Swindle and one of my favorites, Daley. This video has so much life within it, the colors just accent the track so much more. The track overall is a feel good track, and the video gives off some seriously feel good vibes too.

Side note, it’s damn good to see Daley back on the screen!

NEW MUSIC: Swindle x Daley – Sympathy



I have been waiting to hear Daley‘s vocals for so long now. He has finally graced us with this amazing collaboration with Swindle. I am not familiar with Swindle right now, but after hearing this greatness I will definitely do some back-tracking.

This track is all funk with a very Prince inspired sound, if you can’t already tell from the cover art of the EP. Purple Walls is a short four track EP that will be released in February. For now we have the Daley assisted track in all its greatness to tide us over. Take a listen to the track below!

NEW MUSIC: Daley – Look Up


Daley has slowly been moving up the popularity charts, gaining his much deserved recognition in the USA with his track ‘Alone Together’, and now hot off the heels of his USA Tour announcement, it is only a matter of time until he becomes a superstar

This track isn’t the newest, but seeing as I have been supporting Daley since the beginning, I need to have a post for this Pharrell produced track titled ‘Look Up’. ‘Look Up’ followed his UK release titled ‘Broken‘.

‘Look Up’ has all the right necessities for a feel good song, and can I just say that Daley working with Pharrell is a huge step, and I’m so glad all of this happening. Like I said, it is an all around feel good track, there is nothing negative that can be said with a Daley track.  I can’t stress how much you need to purchase this song, go do it!

Look out for Daley in a city near you if you live in the USA!

NEW VIDEO: Daley – Broken

I apologize for taking so long posting this, I definitely have not forgot about it. Daley, who remains one of my favorites since I found him, has graced us with a video for his smash tune titled ‘Broken’. ‘Broken’ to sum it all up is pretty much the male break up anthem and it is perfect in every way. Daley’s vocals have never sounded better, and with each track he puts out from his Days & Nights album gets me more and more excited for the release of it.

More recently he has put out a track with rapper Nelly called ‘Heaven‘, which he performed in NYC over the weekend on Good Morning America, hopefully giving him the acknowledgement that he deserves.

Here’s to ‘Heaven’ gaining some success over here, and here’s to Daley giving us a USA tour before that success hits!

NEW VIDEO: Daley – Songs That Remind Me of You

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I am a huge supporter of semi-newcomer Daley. I have been following his career for quite some time now, and he is slowly getting the credit he deserves with his success of ‘Alone Together’ all over the USA. He has been teasing us with this video for a couple of days now, and it is finally out in full and just like anything he puts out, it doesn’t disappoint at all. STRMOY is perfection, and I’m very much excited to hear his next EP, and soon followed by his album Days & Nights.

Stay tuned friends, this guy is about to blow up!

NEW MUSIC: Daley – Blame The World

The ever so amazing Daley, releases a short EP, that brings back some of his previously amazing songs from the Those Who Wait mixtape, but also features 3 new songs! ‘Blame The World’ is among one of them, which is not necessarily new since it’s been out in acoustic form for quite some time, but the studio quality is just amazing. The string features are just amazing, and of course nothing bad can ever be said about Daley’s soulful vocals.

I’ve already bought it, as should you! It’s available on itunes in the US, and if you are hesitating on buying it because there isn’t enough new material for you, well I beg to differ! The 3 extra songs you get, are more than worth the money you pay for the whole thing!

Now get lost in ‘Blame The World’ below!

NEW VIDEO: Daley – Remember Me [Ft. Jessie J]

I have been a supporter of Daley for quite some time now, and he never disappoints me with his musical talent. ‘Remember Me’ is just the beginning of this talent’s long career. Jessie J and Daley look absolutely amazing, and the video just makes the song that much better! I can’t stress enough about how excited I am to purchase Daley’s album. If you don’t know Daley by now, please fix that.

NEW MUSIC: Daley – Remember Me [Ft. Jessie J]

Those of you who have been following the site probably saw my entry on Daley a while back, since then he has been teasing us with countless pictures in the studio with some big name artists. Finally he releases his Debut single from his upcoming album! Accompanied by the soulful Jessie J, Daley throws his own amazing vocals down on an equally amazing beat that just makes magic. Daley is bringing back the meaning of R&B with this, and I have no doubt that his album will be amazing, now I just need a USA tour from him before he hits the big time!

Daley has been on my radar since his first couple of youtube videos, and now he has an album in the works, I have no doubt that he will be big in no time at all, especially after this single!

Take a listen below, and if you haven’t downloaded his FREE mixtape, DO IT NOW!


NEW VIDEO: Daley covers ‘Climax’

Every time I hear Daley sing, it makes me crave that debut album even more each time. Now he has put his own flavor on one of the best usher songs in the past 5 years, ‘Climax’ for SB.TV. There isn’t much else to do but tell you to watch it, and if you haven’t got his mixtape yet, something is obviously wrong with your ears. download it here!