NEW MUSIC: Daley – Look Up


Daley has slowly been moving up the popularity charts, gaining his much deserved recognition in the USA with his track ‘Alone Together’, and now hot off the heels of his USA Tour announcement, it is only a matter of time until he becomes a superstar

This track isn’t the newest, but seeing as I have been supporting Daley since the beginning, I need to have a post for this Pharrell produced track titled ‘Look Up’. ‘Look Up’ followed his UK release titled ‘Broken‘.

‘Look Up’ has all the right necessities for a feel good song, and can I just say that Daley working with Pharrell is a huge step, and I’m so glad all of this happening. Like I said, it is an all around feel good track, there is nothing negative that can be said with a Daley track.  I can’t stress how much you need to purchase this song, go do it!

Look out for Daley in a city near you if you live in the USA!

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