NEW MUSIC: Ed Sheeran – Sing



After a 3 year break from the studio, Ed Sheeran has made quite the name for himself in those 3 years. From being nominated to Grammy’s, playing Sold out arenas worldwide, and even writing songs for megastars OneDirection. Ed Sheeran finally graces us with actual new music, his previous album +, was kind of a compilation of everything he has been working on while slowly building his name. His new album x is scheduled to be released in June, and this is the first single ‘Sing’.

‘Sing’ is definitely a track that keeps Ed’s classic acoustic fast talking sound accompanied with his hard hitting guitar beat. It kind of sounds like his first sound on steroids, which in my book is definitely worth the listen. As opposed to going the safe way and releasing an acoustic ballad for his first single, he takes it back to the old school roots and releases an upbeat ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ sounding track. The track was made alongside the talented Pharrell, and you can definitely hear his influences and maybe a little Justin Timberlake? Definitely towards the end with the falsetto. This track I feel is going to be one of the biggest tracks of 2014.

If this is what is to come out of his second album, I’m definitely all for this!

Take a listen below!

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