NEW EP: MAX – Wrong


I haven’t made much noise about the talent that is known as MAX. He caught my attention a little under a year ago with his fantastic and catchy smash,’Gibberish‘ featuring Hoodie Allen. Since then he has just slowly been releasing bangers, and now he gives us a listen at some new music. He premiered his new EP, Wrong, over at MTV a couple of days ago, and it is filled with some huge tracks.

This guy is more than just a dance hit, his vocal ability is raw and definitely shines on the track ‘That Kind of Love’. He also graces us with a fantastic remix of his smash ‘Gibberish’, featuring Travie McCoy, which has been dubbed the Patrick Stump remix, from Fall Out Boy.

Here is to hoping this guy has a huge year in 2016, because he deserves it!

Take a listen here


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