LLM’s World Music Update

World update

Alright, I’m going to try something new here.

In short, about once a month I take a look at the charts around the world, to keep myself in the know about other countries music. They adapt to our music culture, so why not give them a chance.

Now, not all of them will be in English, but that shouldn’t matter because, like I stated earlier, they adapt to us. I am basically just going to post tracks/videos from around the world. I probably won’t give you a whole review of the track on it, because I honestly have input about tracks that aren’t in English. That being said, I just feel like they deserve some exposure, and seeing as I have viewers from around the world, it is only fair.

So, let’s see how this works. If I see it getting a little attention, I’ll keep doing it. I just feel like people need to be educated on ALL types of music, rather than stick to our own music culture.

They are in order from my favorite to least favorite find. I recommend taking at least one listen to them all, get yourself educated!

So below the jump is a few tracks I have found with my search, enjoy!

Tungevaag & Raaban X Charlie Who? – Russian Roulette

Willy William – Ego

Roya- Lie

Blak & Jimilian – Slem Igen (feat. Ceci Luca)

INNA – Yalla

Luan Santana [Ft Double You] – Chuva de arroz

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