I just stumbled upon RAY BLK, so I’m not too familiar with much of her material, but from what I have heard is baaad! In my favorite find from her, ‘5050’, she serves up a whole lot of attitude with a very sexy vibe.

I have been getting a lot of different vibes from the type of sound shes producing, and I like that. She has a mixture of quite a few genres in this track, but all of it flows perfectly into her own unique sound. You can definitely tell her UK influences in this song, it has a sort of grime flavor to it.

I have only listened to maybe two tracks from her, but it seems like she is just starting to take over the airwaves, and I look forward to hearing what else she has in store for us!

With the rise of talent’s like Tink, I believe that there is definitely room for her in the industry, and here is to hoping that we catch on to her sound, because it is needed over here in the USA!

Watch out world!

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