NEW COVER: Ellie Goulding – Just In Case (Jaheim Cover)


Ellie Goulding has been known to put her spin on a lot of strange songs in her career, but this might be the most random of them all. Remember that singer that sang the jam “Just In Case” about 6 years ago named Jaheim? No? Well no one else does either, so that’s ok.

Ellie puts her classic spin on a very random cover of this old school track. I have always been a huge fan of her and her unique covers, and this is no exception. It is nothing amazing, but I have a lot of respect for her when she goes outside her “comfort” zone and does this, as she labeled, “#justforfun”.

Listen to the fantastic cover, with the help of producer Jordan Evans, of “Just In Case”. If you don’t remember the original, I highly suggest you click HERE first and then listen to the cover, it makes it that much better.

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