ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Brandyn Burnette


Although he has decided to take another route, I have American Idol to thank for bringing me Brandyn Burnette after he performed an emotional rendition of “Lost”.

He first caught my attention with his smooth vocal ability, and drew me in further after listening to his lyrical ability. I started looking into him, only to find more greatness. He has an EP of his own which is out now, that is really quite amazing. His production ability definitely highlights his vocals and it all flows together perfectly.

Check out more from this amazing talent after the jump!

I posted a link to stream his EP, Made of Dreams, which is a short 6 songs, and includes his audition song, “Down”. Although he has decided to opt out from the popular show, I do hope big things comes for him because his songwriting is just as skill as his vocal ability.

If that EP doesn’t sell you, I suggest you take a listen to an acoustic version of his emotional track, “Lost”.

I am still a huge fan of Brandyn Burnette, and he definitely will always have my support!

Follow him on Twitter: @brandynburnette

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