NEW MUSIC: Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman


I apologize for the delay on this one, sometimes I need to take a second to know every detail of the track for me to give a full review. I also wanted to see Ariana perform this track live to make my final decision on the track.

In short, this track is exactly the right step she needed to take in her career. Ariana is evolving as an artist, and transitioning from girl to woman. This song has sexy guitar solos, and Ariana’s vocals are maturing and sounding full and flawless. This track is an epic ballad, with a very catchy chorus.

Although this track is fantastic, I don’t see it being a hit for that long. Pop music is giving us some of the best music right now. (See Meghan Trainer’s ‘No’) That being said, Ariana has a fighting chance, and this is the closest thing to a ballad that she has released to the airwaves. She definitely could have given us more on this track because we all know the girl can sing.

Ariana is slowly selling me on this new album, and I really hope there are more ballads that are released by her, because she definitely has that advantage over any pop star right now.

After the jump, check out her perform the track on SNL.


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