NEW MUSIC: Zayn – Like I Would



The era of Zayn has just taken a turn for the best. He has just given us another cut from his Mind of Mine album, and although it is very different from his previous releases, “Like I Would” gives us a more upbeat, sexy feel.

While I wasn’t as impressed with, “It’s You” as I was with “Pillowtalk”, this track definitely restores my faith in his album. It seems there is a common theme throughout his album, and that is sex. He is playing with his strengths, and although production is huge on this track, his smooth, unique voice fits so perfectly over this beat.

Each track has definitely had a different sound so far, but it all fits together as one. Zayn is on track for a big debut with the way he is going. If you haven’t checked out the official track list to Mind of Mine, I have listed it after the jump!

While you can’t really judge anything from a track list, I am actually really interested in hearing the Kehlani collaboration. It is definitely two voices that I didn’t know I wanted to hear together on one track!



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