NEW VIDEO: Katy B – I Wanna Be [Ft. Chris Lorenzo]

Alright, there are no words for how amazing this new Katy B album is sounding. She has given us so many bangers from the album and there is still so many more tracks to come. The Craig David assisted ballad, “Who Am I” is still on heavy rotation, but this track might take the top spot for me.

“I Wanna Be” is definitely gives a nostalgic, euphoric, almost 90’s dance floor rave feel and it is absolutely fantastic. Katy B has proven that this album may be her strongest effort yet, she has been so versatile on every track giving us a different side of her.

Unfortunately we still have wait a little longer for her album, Honey, to drop. The album is due out April 29th.

I want to start some sort of petition to bring her to the USA because I have been waiting so long, and her talent needs to spread!t

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