NEW MUSIC: KDA – Just Say [Ft. Tinashe]


Your next summer banger has arrived and it comes from the talent that has already given us one smash this year, KDA. KDA has already become one of my favorites since releasing “Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)” featuring Katy B and Tinie Tempah, both of which have been releasing constant bangers of their own. KDA comes back with some house goodness featuring the R&B songstress, Tinashe.

This track definitely takes Tinashe in a different direction, but I have to say she sounds fantastic. She gives a very sexy, 90’s vibe to this hard hitting house beat. I don’t see this song being a hit over here, but the UK will definitely eat this up just like they did KDA’s previous efforts. This track is a smash, and I am fully here to support KDA and whatever he brings out next!

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC:Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon – Freak Like Me [Ft. Katy B]


I have been a fan of the original version of this track already, so when they decided to throw one of my favorites, Katy B, into the mix, I was more than welcoming. This track is an absolute dance floor smash, and it is already doing wonders over seas in the UK.

Still waiting patiently for Katy B to make her USA tour, but till then I will keep her album Honey, on heavy rotation.

Take a listen to the smash below!

NEW VIDEO: Katy B – I Wanna Be [Ft. Chris Lorenzo]

Alright, there are no words for how amazing this new Katy B album is sounding. She has given us so many bangers from the album and there is still so many more tracks to come. The Craig David assisted ballad, “Who Am I” is still on heavy rotation, but this track might take the top spot for me.

“I Wanna Be” is definitely gives a nostalgic, euphoric, almost 90’s dance floor rave feel and it is absolutely fantastic. Katy B has proven that this album may be her strongest effort yet, she has been so versatile on every track giving us a different side of her.

Unfortunately we still have wait a little longer for her album, Honey, to drop. The album is due out April 29th.

I want to start some sort of petition to bring her to the USA because I have been waiting so long, and her talent needs to spread!t

NEW VIDEO: Katy B x Craig David x Major Lazer – Who Am I

One of my favorite songs of the moment has just gotten visual treatment, and it’s fantastic! Craig David and Katy B deliver their anthem over some emotional yet simple visuals, this is a serious banger if you haven’t heard it yet. I don’t have much else to say about this track, just watch it.

Team UK stand up!

NEW VIDEO: Katy B – 5am

This is track I completely forgot to post, and now that it has hit the Top 40 in the UK, I was reminded of how huge this track really is. Katy B has always been a favorite of mine, and this track changes nothing. I respect her for doing something different from the usual mainstream and yet still making it, well at least in the UK. I wish the USA would latch on to this talent, but who knows we are very slow when it comes to oversea talent.

check it!

NEW MUSIC: Katy B – Danger EP


It’s been a while since we have heard anything from Katy B, and recently she has been teasing us about dropping new music. She finally releases a short EP with 4 tracks on it, which is available to download for free! I love me some Katy B, and each of these tracks fits her usual sound, but yet still gives a different style from her previous album. Collaborating with such people as Jessie Ware, Wiley, Diplo,  and even Iggy Azalea these tracks are smash hits, and will definitely chart in the UK.

Track list includes:

1. Katy B x Geeneus x Jessie Ware – Aaliyah
2. Katy B x Zinc x Wiley – Got Paid
3. Katy B x Diplo x Iggy Azalea – Light as A Feather
4. Katy B x Jacques – Greene Danger

NEW MUSIC: Mosca – What You Came For [Ft. Katy B]

This post is mainly for the Katy B feature, and it is definitely worth at least that. I’m not too familiar with Mosca, but I will get on that as soon as I finish this post. Katy B released a fantastic debut album, and since that I have been craving for more from her, and this track is definitely down her lane. Her album was full of unique songs that, to this day, remain on repeat. This track is definitely giving me the craving for some Katy B again!