NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Sledgehammer


After Rihanna failed to impress me with her latest album, Anti, I have been waiting for something else from her to restore my faith in her. She has been teasing this for a couple of days now, and we finally get the release of “Sledgehammer” which is part of the soundtrack of the new Star Trek movie.

This track isn’t great, but it is definitely a lot better than anything on her album. After her previous Mike Will Made-It track, “Nothing is Promised“, and now we have this, I am slowly becoming a Rihanna fan once again.

“Sledgehammer” shows off the powerfully unique vocals while belting over a slow building anthem track. I’m not sure what kind of impact this will have on the movie, but I have to say that I am loving this track for her.

She seems to be every where after the release of her album, probably to make up for keeping us waiting for that long and then being significantly underwhelming.

Take a listen to “Sledgehammer” below via Spotify.

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