I have been following the talent that is Brayton Bowman for quite some time now but I haven’t actually given him the necessary credit he deserves, so with September coming to a start he is this months Artist Spotlight!

There is a lot of talent running through this man, he has given us everything from 90’s mash-up’s to some fantastic, attitude filled original tracks. The best way to describe Brayton’s sound would be a more soulful pop sound, but I would use the term “Pop” lightly because I feel like that limits his sound. More recently, Brayton has been linked to another one of my favorites, MNEK, and with two talents like that together you know their music is going to be amazing.

Take a listen to a few of my favorite mash-ups and some original tracks below that the extremely talented Brayton Bowman has given us after the jump!

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NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Sledgehammer


After Rihanna failed to impress me with her latest album, Anti, I have been waiting for something else from her to restore my faith in her. She has been teasing this for a couple of days now, and we finally get the release of “Sledgehammer” which is part of the soundtrack of the new Star Trek movie.

This track isn’t great, but it is definitely a lot better than anything on her album. After her previous Mike Will Made-It track, “Nothing is Promised“, and now we have this, I am slowly becoming a Rihanna fan once again.

“Sledgehammer” shows off the powerfully unique vocals while belting over a slow building anthem track. I’m not sure what kind of impact this will have on the movie, but I have to say that I am loving this track for her.

She seems to be every where after the release of her album, probably to make up for keeping us waiting for that long and then being significantly underwhelming.

Take a listen to “Sledgehammer” below via Spotify.

NEW MUSIC: Mike Will Made It -Nothing is Promised [Ft. Rihanna]


I’m not sure if anyone else heard that 30 second snippet on Rihanna’s Instagram from what feels like years ago teasing new music. Well, now that Anti is out and a complete flop, we finally have a banger that should have been included on her album to give it that Rihanna swag that we all love.

This is where Rihanna has been shining more recently, this track is giving her something different and standing out that no one is really doing right now. Granted, after letting some tracks set in, my mind has changed since the initial release of Anti. My stance on the album has a whole has not.

Enough about the album, I’m glad this track has finally surfaced because it gives us a reminder of that Rihanna flow that we love.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For [Ft. Rihanna]


The duo that created the smash, “We Found Love”, is back for another summer time feel good song with, “This Is What You Came For”. This is the perfect time for both of them to release a collaboration like this, they are both very relevant right now, with Rihanna just releasing Anti, and Calvin Harris fresh off the success of “How Deep Is Your Love”.

I have to admit, this is definitely no “We Found Love”, but I think it will work. It all just sounds so basic and under produced to be able to compete with the charts right now. It is a good track, but I don’t see it doing well for too long, it will obviously chart because of the star power on the track but other than that it is just kind of there.

With Kesha and Zedd releasing a SMASH, this track should have brought a lot more to the table, and didn’t quite make it.

Take a listen below and let me know what you think!


maxresdefault (4)

A little late on April’s Artist Spotlight, but better late than never!

This month I decided to share the talent known as Citizen Shade. I instantly fell in love with their cover of Rihanna’s “Work” (featured below), which I stated should be the only version of the song that is out. To be honest, I’m still not sure if Citizen Shade is a duo or what, but I don’t really care because I have no preference either way. I will just refer to them as a duo from here on out.

Here is their cover of Rihanna’s “Work”

After the jump, you will find more covers from this amazing duo.

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NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money



We have been waiting for a Rihanna album for a lot longer this time around, she has decided to take about a 2 year break opposed to the album every year stance. After releasing the hugely successful ‘FourFiveSeconds’ she has teased about the release of ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ for it’s release today, and here it finally is. Upon hearing the title I imagined something quite more ratchet and hard. I guess, I am a little disappointed, but I feel like this track will definitely grow on me seeing as I have missed the Rihanna tracks as of late. I am definitely getting some Drake vibes on this track with all her rapping and stuff. This will for sure be an anthem for some and maybe even me at some point, but hey, she will definitely chart because she is Rihanna.

Also, no, I don’t understand the eyebrows.

Enjoy the edited version below!

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds [Ft. Paul McCartney & Kanye West]


The #R8 era begins!

I have been waiting quite a while for Rihanna to drop a track, after taking quite a long break from the scene, she gives us a huge surprise by dropping ‘FourFiveSeconds’. The very acoustic sounding track features huge legends, Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I don’t think Rihanna has sounded better on any of her tracks yet, I prefer this Rih over any of her dance tracks, but still love me some Rihanna anyway. I predict a huge album for her, she has been missed from the industry and she is going to come back stronger than ever.

watch out world!

NEW VIDEO: Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You [Ft. Rihanna]

Lets be honest, the song isn’t anything life changing, it’s catchy, and very radio friendly and combines two of pops biggest superstars into one sexy song. When I say sexy I mean it, the video, once again, has no depth or anything, but who can complain when its just Rihanna and Shakira on the same screen, for 3 and a half minutes. Anyway, not much else to say, just watch it!


NEW VIDEO: Rihanna – Stay [Ft. Mikky Eikko]

This is probably one of my favorite cuts from her Unapologetic album, and now it seems it’s getting single treatment. The video is nothing special, but it does have Rihanna in a bathtub for the whole time, which is never a bad thing. Other than that, not much is going on, still a great song though, Mikky Eikko’s vocals are amazing, and they both sounded great at the Grammys.