It is finally time for our Artist Spotlight of the month! This month’s goes to the extremely soulful and smooth vocalist, Stanaj.

I stumbled on this guy about 2 years ago, because I came across his cover of Miguel’s “All I Want Is You”, which is one of my favorite tracks by him. I was instantly hooked on the vocals that Stanaj so effortlessly creates. With a limited number of videos of him I was at a standstill for quite some time.

He produced some short instagram videos and that was all I had to deal with as I tried to keep up with his career. Well now he is making some serious presence with an original and so many more covers.

I put the first video I found below, and after the jump you’ll find much more information on the talent that is, Stanaj!

I decided to feature him as this months Artist Spotlight because I caught wind of his original track, “Romance” that has been out for a few weeks. This track is simply just a piano melody, but yet it is so captivating. Stanaj makes those high notes his as he flows so smoothly over this minimal track. I am seriously in love with everything about this track, and this is just the beginning of his career.

Stanaj is also known for his short instagram covers, and a few amateur recordings on youtube. (One that specifically caught my ear was his karaoke Boys II Men cover of “End of the Road“) There was so many covers to choose from that I couldn’t narrow it down, but I had to include this cover of one of my favorite India Arie tracks, “Ready For Love”. This man has so much soul running through him, and this cover is just as good as the original.

Stanaj is such a talent and we will continue to support everything this man does because I believe he will be a big force in the business. I included his direct lines for those that are interested to learn more about him!


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