NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga – Million Reasons


Everyone has been a bit skeptical from Lady Gaga‘s comeback track, “Perfect Illusion“. I have loved it since the beginning and it hasn’t changed.

While it’s no “Bad Romance” or “Just Dance”. “Perfect Illusion” is in it’s own lane. People are expecting the crazy, she is bringing the crazy in a different way. I believe this album is going to be one of the top albums of the year.

“Million Reasons” is the emotional and heart felt side of her. She debuted the song in Nashville as a part of her epic Dive Bar tour, which is the greatest thing a pop-star of her stature to ever do. She explained the song as “all these men giving her a million reasons to walk away, but one to stay”.

The Joanne era is going to be a game changer in pop music. Take a listen to “Million Reasons” below! After the Jump check out her full Dive Bar Tour performance including 2 other new tracks!

Joanne is due out Oct. 21st.

Her full Dive Bar Tour performance is below, with performances of “Sinners Prayer”, “A-Yo”, “Million Reasons”, and of course “Perfect Illusion”.

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