NEW MUSIC/VIDEO: Bruno Mars – 24k Magic


2016 is showing up to be the year of comebacks from pop’s greatest. We have Lady Gaga, JoJo, and now Bruno Mars joins the club. Bruno has taken about 4 years off with the only single being the Mark Ronson smash, “Uptown Funk” and his iconic superbowl performance alongside Beyonce and Coldplay. Other than that we haven’t heard any solo material since Unorthodox Jukebox, back in 2012.

Bruno Mars is now back and not only dropped his new single “24K Magic” but the visuals and the album cover (featured above) to go along with it. This track had to be huge following his legendary success of “Uptown Funk”, and I believe he did that fantastically.

“24K Magic” brings the funk right back in the game with an almost Pharrell sounding production, it’s “Uptown Funk”…but sexier. The video gives me Beyonce “7/11” vibes, but better, and the song makes more sense. Bruno did the damn thing!

We need a male pop-star back in the game currently run by females and Bruno brings that.

Watch the video below!


NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga – Million Reasons


Everyone has been a bit skeptical from Lady Gaga‘s comeback track, “Perfect Illusion“. I have loved it since the beginning and it hasn’t changed.

While it’s no “Bad Romance” or “Just Dance”. “Perfect Illusion” is in it’s own lane. People are expecting the crazy, she is bringing the crazy in a different way. I believe this album is going to be one of the top albums of the year.

“Million Reasons” is the emotional and heart felt side of her. She debuted the song in Nashville as a part of her epic Dive Bar tour, which is the greatest thing a pop-star of her stature to ever do. She explained the song as “all these men giving her a million reasons to walk away, but one to stay”.

The Joanne era is going to be a game changer in pop music. Take a listen to “Million Reasons” below! After the Jump check out her full Dive Bar Tour performance including 2 other new tracks!

Joanne is due out Oct. 21st.

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NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion



It feels like we have been missing Lady Gaga forever now. With her 3 year solo hiatus, 2 if you count the Tony Bennett collaboration, the charts have been missing this pop queen. Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Rihanna have been slacking on their “comeback” singles, so with Gaga announcing her return, I expected a big one.

Lady Gaga has enlisted pop magic for this track, it features the likes of Mark Ronson and Tame Impala which are huge names if you are fans of music. With names like that on a track, I expect nothing less than a smash, and that is what we have recieved.

Gaga gives us a hard hitting anthem that we all needed. It is a very different sound from what we are used to, almost a disco rock sound. The first 20 seconds definitely sound like it could be a Rihanna track, but then it kicks into gear and you realize that Rihanna can’t compare to this.

It is the break-up anthem that everyone will be blasting and will take over the airwaves. It is a brave move in the name of Gaga, we are used to her pop anthems, but this harder. For those that hate it on first listen, will love it after a month or so. This track is going to be huge.

For me she takes the crown of Pop queen this year. and I’m sure she will have some mental visuals to go a long with this track to give it that extra push.

Take a listen below!


NEW MUSIC: Lady GaGa – Do What U Want [Ft. R. Kelly]


I haven’t been the biggest GaGa fan in recent years, but after her much needed break from the industry and her so called comeback, I have kind of jumped on the train. Her previous efforts with ‘Applause’ and ‘Aura’ have been excellent. She has changed her sound completely and unlike her competitors, she has evolved from her previous albums.

I can’t say this song is my favorite out of her releases, but once again, she has surprised us with the collaboration. Her previous efforts were definitely better, but I can’t hate on this, it’s catchy and I’m sure I will at one point jam out to this track.


NEW MUSIC: Lady GaGa – Applause


Lady GaGa makes her much awaited comeback after releasing her first single, ‘Applause’, off her upcoming album ArtPop. I’ve never been the biggest GaGa fan, and I heard the snippet of this song a couple of days ago, and it didn’t really do anything for me. Now that the song has been released in full, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I definitely see it getting major airplay, and it will break through to the top 10 for sure. It does have a different sound than any other GaGa sound, which is something I like. I do this track being a grower and I will probably love it eventually, but for now I’m on the fence.

NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga – Burqa


After taking a bit of a break from the industry, Lady GaGa makes her much anticipated comeback with her new single ‘Burqa’ from her upcoming album ArtPop. I have never been the biggest GaGa fan, but I respect the artistry she has, unlike most artists today. That being said, while this single doesn’t sound like the final version, but it actually doesn’t sound too bad.

‘Burque’ has a very odd slow start, but then flows into quite a huge beat, with Gaga’s vocals equally matching the beat. Although at some points it sounds a bit of a mess, but that isn’t the point because it hasn’t hit its official release yet. It will be interesting to see what Gaga has for us this time, she usually can turn heads.