Marian Hill – Back To Me [Ft. Lauren Jauregui]


Marian Hill has always been a huge talent in the industry, and now she gives us an unlikely collab with Fifth Harmony’s,  Lauren Jauregui. With Camila Cabello being the first of the group to gain her first solo #1 (“Bad Things“), the other girls are right behind her.

Jauregui has always had an almost indie taste in music, with her Spotify playlist including artists like HAIM, Bon Iver, and the 1975. This collab is definitely right down her alley, and I have to say that this track is nothing short of a smash.

It gives us a more sultry side of Lauren and Marian Hill gives us their usual vibes. The vocals behind Marian Hill, Samantha Gongo’s, just flow so effortlessly with Laurens. It definitely sounds like Marian Hill’s previous track, “One Time“, but way better.

I’ll be interested to see how this does on he charts and we already know Marian Hill will finally start to get the recognition they deserve.

Take a listen below!

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