NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Slide [Ft. Frank Ocean & Migos]


Calvin Harris has been killing the game lately, from releasing to the smash of last year “This is What You Came For” to now releasing the track of the summer, “Slide”. I was a bit hesitant when I heard that Migos was an added feature, but I have to say they killed it.

Frank ocean smoothly coasts over the disco fused production. This track is easily the perfect recipe for a chart takeover. Calvin Harris recently put out a statement to say that uplifting music is missing from the world, and vows to bring it back. “Slide” being the perfect example of that.


Marian Hill – Back To Me [Ft. Lauren Jauregui]


Marian Hill has always been a huge talent in the industry, and now she gives us an unlikely collab with Fifth Harmony’s,  Lauren Jauregui. With Camila Cabello being the first of the group to gain her first solo #1 (“Bad Things“), the other girls are right behind her.

Jauregui has always had an almost indie taste in music, with her Spotify playlist including artists like HAIM, Bon Iver, and the 1975. This collab is definitely right down her alley, and I have to say that this track is nothing short of a smash.

It gives us a more sultry side of Lauren and Marian Hill gives us their usual vibes. The vocals behind Marian Hill, Samantha Gongo’s, just flow so effortlessly with Laurens. It definitely sounds like Marian Hill’s previous track, “One Time“, but way better.

I’ll be interested to see how this does on he charts and we already know Marian Hill will finally start to get the recognition they deserve.

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Sia – The Greatest [Ft. Kendrick Lamar]

Sia, receiving a slow burning chart topper with “Cheap Thrills”, has just graced us with another smash. “The greatest” is another self-empowerment track that we are used to hearing from the songstress. While the streaming version features the amazing Kendrick Lamar, the music video does not include him.

The video is a very powerful tribute to the victims in he Orlando shooting as you see them dropping at the end with what looks like bullet holes in the background, with a very eerie silence.

I much prefer the Kendrick version ,which I have included after the jump, but for radio purposes I see why she has released two separate versions. Sia definitely has another hit on her hands with “The Greatest”.

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NEW MUSIC: Troye Sivan – Wild [Ft. Alessia Cara]


Troye Sivan, one of my all time favorites, has released the infectious “Wild”, as his next single and it features the amazing rising star, Alessia Cara. Troye doesn’t need any more praise from me, but Alessia deserves a lot for taking this already amazing track to another level.

Troye’s collaborations have always been somewhat low-key and it worked out for him perfectly because his album, Blue Neighbourhood, was one of my favorites of last year. While they are both still somewhat rising stars, Alessia’s raw, soulful vocals flow perfectly along side Troye’s innocent and emotional sound.

These guys are going far in the business, I can bank on that.

NEW MUSIC: DJ Khaled – For Free [Ft. Drake]


A little slow on this one, but I haven’t been able to find a good quality for this track yet since it isn’t officially out yet.

Anyway, I haven’t really cared for DJ Khaled as of late, but he is making big moves in his career opening for Beyonce on her Formation tour so I can respect that. DJ Khaled makes a very smart with this one giving the man who has one of the biggest albums of the year to feature on his newest single, Drake.

I actually love this track, it isn’t anything special but it is perfect for the summer time. Drake keeps his momentum going from his album, Views, with his bars on this track.

There really isn’t anything else to say about it, its the perfect move for both of them and it is going to generate a smash.