NEW MUSIC: Alt-J – Hunger of The Pine



Alt-J has returned with a huge song titled ‘Hunger of The Pine’ from their highly anticipated follow up album¬†This is All,¬†due our September 22nd. This track has been on repeat since it’s release, and although it does sound different from their previous album, I am still loving it. Just listen to it now, and forever

Also the Miley sample.

NEW MUSIC: Alt-J – Buffalo [Ft. Mountain Man]

Alt-J is slowly gaining success, as they should, and now after the release of their album, has been selling out concerts all over the globe. This track comes from the ‘Silver Linings’ movie, and it is just as amazing as Alt-J’s usual tracks. It’s very mellow with a slight dubstep feel, but just like their other tracks, it will have you pressing replay. Their track ‘Something Good’ is gaining quite a bit of success in the UK too, charting at number 7 on the indie charts. I’m not too familiar with Mountain Man, but I will have a look at his stuff seeing as he is featured on one of my favorite new artist’s tracks. Take a listen below and enjoy!

NEW VIDEO: Alt-J – Something Good

Finally after releasing his album ‘An Awesome Wave‘ in May, he releases a visual for ‘Something Good’. ‘Something Good’ is one of my standout tracks on it, as is the track that made me gain interest in the first place ‘Fitzpleasure’. Alt-J mixes a bit of dubstep with some endearing vocals to add a unique blend to his finished product, which no one else is doing right now. If your a fan, I recommend you check out his album, because it all runs on the same lines as this track.

ALBUM STREAM: Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

First fell in love with Alt-J after hearing the bass hitting ‘Fitzpleasure’, and now he is back with a full free stream of his just as amazing album.An Awesome Waveis so good, its sound is pretty continuous throughout, with some dubstep influences but mainly just an all out electronic feel to it. His voice is unique, a bit like Alex Clare without the added rasp. After giving it a full listen through, it will definitely be worth the purchase.

An Awesome Waveis due out May 28th!

Listen below!