ALBUM STREAM: Jazmine Sullivan – Reality Show



I haven’t heard this album as a whole just yet, but from what I have heard is fantastic. The music business was missing this lady, and I’m so glad she is back, her¬†debut album back in 2008,¬†Fearless, was fantastic. I expect nothing less from this album, soul and all. Get into the album below!

Also if you missed out on this soulful cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing‘, just listen to it.

NEW STREAM: M.I.A – Matangi

M.I.A finally decides to grace us with an album after releasing an iconic ‘bad girls’ track forever ago. Matangi as a whole is exactly what you expect from an M.I.A album, loud noises, catchy hooks, and a lot of cultural influence. That’s not to say it’s bad, its actually quite amazing, maybe not the whole thing, but there are definitely some stand out tracks. Sadly, her ‘Collaboration’ with The Weeknd, isn’t really a collaboration but more of a sampling of one of his songs, but either way, its a pretty huge track. Take a listen above, the whole album is there in a playlist so just press play and enjoy!

ALBUM STREAM: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


As most of you are aware, I am this man’s biggest fan and I will prove you wrong if you try and compete with my statement. He has finally decided to hit the studio after almost 7 years, and now has ever so kindly graced us with what maybe the album to hold us over another 7 years (I seriously hope not).

I’ll save my review for later, after giving it time to settle in, but for now, I highly recommend you stop everything and tune out the world with The 20/20 Experience

Stream Here (iTunes only)

ALBUM STREAM: Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

First fell in love with Alt-J after hearing the bass hitting ‘Fitzpleasure’, and now he is back with a full free stream of his just as amazing album.An Awesome Waveis so good, its sound is pretty continuous throughout, with some dubstep influences but mainly just an all out electronic feel to it. His voice is unique, a bit like Alex Clare without the added rasp. After giving it a full listen through, it will definitely be worth the purchase.

An Awesome Waveis due out May 28th!

Listen below!