NEW MUSIC: Whethan – Love Gang [Ft. Charli XCX]


To those of you that are a stranger to Whethan, I’ll give you a quick rundown. At just 17 years old, this Chicago native DJ is the talent behind some huge tracks featuring some quite amazing talent. One of my favorites being “Savage” featuring MAX and Flux Pavilion. Another┬ánotable track is Ashe assisted single, “Can’t Hide“.

That brings us to his newest banger, assisted by the ever so talented Charli XCX, “Love Gang”. Charli XCX’s vocals sooth over the signature heavy production of Whethan delivering a perfect summer anthem.

Whethan doesn’t have any news on an album just yet, but I can assure you, once it drops that it will be an absolute smash!

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azalea – Fancy [Ft. Charli XCX]



Most of you know Iggy by now, she has had quite an impressive run since her debut, and with the release of this new track featuring UK singer Charli XCX, she isn’t stopping anytime soon! For those that don’t know Charli XCX she has a very Icona Pop vibe, but I think I like her more. One of her more popular tracks is ‘Superlove‘ which has a very pop/dance feeling to it, very smooth. Anyway this Iggy track basically combines the sound of Charli and Iggy into one masterpiece. The chorus is all about Charli and yet has a hip hop sound to it, and the verses are all Iggy’s style.

Easily Iggy Azalea’s best track so far, looking forward to hearing more like this!