NEW VIDEO: Iggy Azalea – Team

I’m just now hearing this new Iggy track, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. When I first listened to it, I thought it was a jam. I have listened to it a couple of times since then and I just don’t see the star quality in her.

She had huge success with “Black Widow” and to me, that was about it. This song is missing a feature and lacking a catchy chorus. To be honest, that is all Iggy’s major hits were good for. She also took the Justin Bieber route in making a dance video for this track, which we all know the Biebs can’t be taken down at this moment.

I don’t see this track doing well, and I’m calling another failure by Iggy. Bye.

NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azelea – Black Widow [Ft. Rita Ora]



Always been a pretty big Iggy fan, and with the release of her smash tune, ‘Fancy’, she definitely hooked my interest on her upcoming album, The New Classic. The album has leaked, and I have to say it’s definitely a smash, and my favorite song to come off of it is definitely, the Rita Ora featured track, ‘Black Widow’.

Now, everyone knows how I feel about miss Rita, but all feelings aside, she killed the hook on this track. As usual, Iggy kills her flow, and this track is pure gold, I even see it getting some radio treatment, and maybe giving Rita the boost she knows to have a career that is worthy of her looks.

Anyway, I digress, listen below!


NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azalea – Fancy [Ft. Charli XCX]



Most of you know Iggy by now, she has had quite an impressive run since her debut, and with the release of this new track featuring UK singer Charli XCX, she isn’t stopping anytime soon! For those that don’t know Charli XCX she has a very Icona Pop vibe, but I think I like her more. One of her more popular tracks is ‘Superlove‘ which has a very pop/dance feeling to it, very smooth. Anyway this Iggy track basically combines the sound of Charli and Iggy into one masterpiece. The chorus is all about Charli and yet has a hip hop sound to it, and the verses are all Iggy’s style.

Easily Iggy Azalea’s best track so far, looking forward to hearing more like this!

NEW MUSIC: Steve Aoki & Anger Dimas – Beat Down [Ft. Iggy Azalea]

Not really sure who Anger Dimas is, but Steve Aoki is definitely one of my favorite DJ’s at the moment, and I don’t really care for Iggy Azalea either, but I have to say this song is pretty sick. The beat fuses Hip-Hop and Dance all into one. I actually only really like this song for the beat since I don’t care for Azalea’s verse, but anyway, take a listen and you might want to go party after hearing it!