NEW MUSIC: Nick Jonas – Chains (Remix) [Ft. Jhene Aiko]


Nick Jonas is definitely stepping out of his previous identity with this album. First collaborating with Tinashe, now with Jhene Aiko, I have to give the guy props. I really love his album too, it is definitely a solid crossover album filled with huge tracks. Now he has been remixing a lot of his tracks, and this ‘Chains’ remix is definitely one to keep. Jhene Aiko’s sexy, smooth vocals fit perfectly with Nick’s equally raw vocals. Everything about this track is great, it all just fits together so perfectly, Nick definitely knows what he is doing this time around and is going to get mad airplay on every airwave with this track.

NEW MUSIC: Jhene Aiko – 2 Seconds

The R&B singer Jhene Aiko is coming back stronger and stronger each time. This new release is a smooth R&B track that just flows perfectly, while her vocals might not be the best, she makes it work so perfectly. While it may not be her best, this definitely is a step in the right direction and I can’t wait to hear her next mixtape and single which are both to be released soon!