NEW MUSIC: Jody Brock – Pheonix



Jody Brock finally gives us a taste of his EP, Phoenix. I have been waiting for this EP for so long, and it is right around the corner. All we had before was a couple of acoustic performances of this song, which were fantastic, but I have to say the final version of this song is way better than anything I was expecting! It is weird hearing this song in final stage, because I have been listening to the acoustic version for so long now, but I can’t complain at all. It has a very big band sound and old school vibe, he is definitely doing something different with this and I love it. I don’t even know where to start with Brock’s vocals, no words for how amazing they are. Loving everything about this track, and I can’t wait till the entire EP gets released!


NEW VIDEO: Jody Brock – Stormy Weather

Got so busy with things, I realized I forgot to feature one of my long time favorites, now months old, video ‘Stormy Weather’. Jody Brock is someone I’ve been following for years now, and I will continue to throw all my support his way because he deserves all of it. ‘Stormy Weather’ is one of his originals but if you’re still not sold on him, check out his many acoustics on his youtube page because they are just as good. Anyway, not much else to say, but this guy is doing big things and you should join the ride!

ACOUSTIC: Jody Brock – Another Dance

Thanks to the amazing videos from SB.TV, I have found new talent gold also known as Jody Brock. As soon as he sang his first notes, I had to find out everything possible about him. He is pretty fresh on the music scene so he doesn’t have many tracks out yet, just a couple of amazing youtube covers and this video is all I could find for now. I expect that to change in the future for sure, this guy has so much talent, he makes it look so easy.

Everyone should keep an eye out for this guy, I seriously hope his talent crosses over to us the in the states, because I’m already to hear him on the radio.

Long Live Music supports Jody Brock!