NEW EP: Jody Brock – Phoenix


If you don’t know the talent that is Jody Brock by now, I highly suggest you dive in right now!

I have been following his career for quite sometime now, and I am highly impressed with everything has put out. After what feels like forever, we finally get an EP that was definitely worth the wait titled ‘Phoenix’. The one word I would use to describe Jody Brock and this whole EP is “Raw”. His sound is verging on rock with a soul which is definitely a sound we don’t have anywhere right now. If I had to compare it something, it would definitely be The Black Keys, but don’t let that get stuck in your head, because Jody adds so much more to that sound. Each track has a very distinct sound but keeps a very rock vibe going for it. I can’t even begin to describe the vocals on this EP, I thought I had heard it all, vocally, from him but he continues to impress.

Although I love the EP as a whole, I have to admit ‘User’ is definitely a standout track for me, so much depth and meaning behind every word in that song. I have posted the video for the song after the jump, which I highly suggest you watch right now!

Thank you Jody Brock for creating this, and I definitely hope this gives him enough momentum to cross over and play some shows in the USA here soon!

After falling in love with his talent, go buy the EP right here —–> Phoenix EP

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ACOUSTIC: Jody Brock – Another Dance

Thanks to the amazing videos from SB.TV, I have found new talent gold also known as Jody Brock. As soon as he sang his first notes, I had to find out everything possible about him. He is pretty fresh on the music scene so he doesn’t have many tracks out yet, just a couple of amazing youtube covers and this video is all I could find for now. I expect that to change in the future for sure, this guy has so much talent, he makes it look so easy.

Everyone should keep an eye out for this guy, I seriously hope his talent crosses over to us the in the states, because I’m already to hear him on the radio.

Long Live Music supports Jody Brock!