NEW MUSIC: Kesha & Zedd – True Colors

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Here we go.

We FINALLY have new music from Kesha, and I seriously couldn’t be more pumped. If you haven’t heard all the drama that has been going on with her since her last album in 2012, well there isn’t really anything I can do about that. Just know that she has been in a serious record label struggle that involves madman, Dr. Luke, and with her coming out with a new track gives us so much hope for her.

That being said, let’s get down to the important part, the music. Kesha sounds so raw, so filled with emotion as she soars over a Zedd produced beat. “I’ll show you my, my true colors”, might be one of the most powerful lyrics that can ever come out of her. This song is hopefully the beginning of a new Kesha, a new era of music for her. She has been through it all and I, for one, am just happy that she is able to release new music, thanks to Zedd.

I will stop ranting on, and just let you absorb in greatness below!


Kesha stated as she posted a teaser yesterday, “This is more than a song, it is a declaration of my truth”.

NEW VIDEO: Ke$ha – C’Mon

Ke$ha returns with visuals for her next single off her ‘Warrior’ album titled ‘C’Mon’. The single is a pretty standard Ke$ha song, it has a big hook, and a fun beat. Definitely not my favorite song on the album, but the video is weirdly exciting. It pretty much just shows ke$ha getting groped by a lot of different people dressed as random animals. Anyway, Ke$ha still slays the pop music, so whatever!

NEW MUSIC: Ke$ha – Supernatural

After months of waiting from first hearing the snippet, ‘Supernatural’ finally leaks in full. I have to say this is absolutely amazing, and doesn’t even give the snippet credit. ‘Supernatural’ is a little bit of ‘Where Have You Been’ but miles better because its Ke$ha with a big chorus, and a huge beat drop, this will definitely take off on the charts. While I understand exactly why Ke$ha released ‘Die Young’ as her first comeback single, I would have fully supported this track as a debut single. All that being said, I’m so glad I can finally listen to this in full.


NEW MUSIC: Ke$ha – C’mon

After her comeback release of ‘Die Young’, she is slowly building up to the release of her next album Warrior. She gives us another taste of her much anticipated album with ‘C’mon’, and I have to say this track is amazing! I wasn’t a fan of her generic sounding ‘Die Young’ and I thought she should have brought a little more, and this track brings everything that ‘Die Young’ left behind. ‘C’mon’ is definitely a number 1 hit, and it’s only a matter of time till this track takes over the radio!

NEW VIDEO: Ke$ha – Die Young

Ke$ha is making her comeback starting with the average song ‘Die Young’. I expected more from this video since it is Ke$ha, but I’ll take it I guess. It pretty much just shows her rolling around in some lingerie, and while she looks absolutely amazing doing it, I would rather have a better video and song to go along with it. I still have hope for her album though, so don’t fail me!

NEW MUSIC: Ke$ha – Die Young

The queen of trash and glitter has returned!! Ke$ha graces us with her presence on ‘Die Young’ after taking a couple of years break. After teasing us with little video snippets of the song, she finally makes a full release (official release on tuesday), and I have to say it doesn’t live up to the expectation that I was hoping for.It doesn’t sound like she made any progress as far as her sound goes, but maybe she is just warming us up with this and will release some massive tracks off her next album. With that being said, the radio and me will still eat this song alive and it will be every ones new anthem in the next couple of weeks.

Will this be able to out stand a massive Rihanna single that is said to be dropping on Wednesday? I would bank on it. This is definitely number 1 material, and while it’s not exactly what I was expecting after she released that ‘Supernatural‘ preview, I still love every moment of it, and it will just grow and grow from here.

Warrior drops December 4th!