NEW MUSIC: Rudimental – These Days [Ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore, & Dan Caplan]


One of our favorites, Rudimental, has released another smash! This time they have enlisted some heavy features in the form of Macklemore, Dan Caplan, and Jess Glynne!

I was mostly to hear Jess Glynne back on a track, but the track is just refreshing in general. I have to admit, it definitely is the UK version of Macklemore’s “Good Old Days” with Kesha. Either way, it is exciting to hear more Jess Glynne, and we definitely hope this is the just the beginning for her!

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Macklemore – Good Old Days [Ft. Kesha]


Macklemore has been releasing tracks off his new album for a few months now, but none have really stuck….until now. He enlists Kesha for “Good Old Days” and magic is created.

Kesha described the song as “chasing dreams and hoping for the best”, a time when we didn’t know what to expect. It is just a catchy song and perfect for pop radio. A song like this will definitely get recognition just based on the star power.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For [Ft. Rihanna]


The duo that created the smash, “We Found Love”, is back for another summer time feel good song with, “This Is What You Came For”. This is the perfect time for both of them to release a collaboration like this, they are both very relevant right now, with Rihanna just releasing Anti, and Calvin Harris fresh off the success of “How Deep Is Your Love”.

I have to admit, this is definitely no “We Found Love”, but I think it will work. It all just sounds so basic and under produced to be able to compete with the charts right now. It is a good track, but I don’t see it doing well for too long, it will obviously chart because of the star power on the track but other than that it is just kind of there.

With Kesha and Zedd releasing a SMASH, this track should have brought a lot more to the table, and didn’t quite make it.

Take a listen below and let me know what you think!

NEW MUSIC: Kesha & Zedd – True Colors

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Here we go.

We FINALLY have new music from Kesha, and I seriously couldn’t be more pumped. If you haven’t heard all the drama that has been going on with her since her last album in 2012, well there isn’t really anything I can do about that. Just know that she has been in a serious record label struggle that involves madman, Dr. Luke, and with her coming out with a new track gives us so much hope for her.

That being said, let’s get down to the important part, the music. Kesha sounds so raw, so filled with emotion as she soars over a Zedd produced beat. “I’ll show you my, my true colors”, might be one of the most powerful lyrics that can ever come out of her. This song is hopefully the beginning of a new Kesha, a new era of music for her. She has been through it all and I, for one, am just happy that she is able to release new music, thanks to Zedd.

I will stop ranting on, and just let you absorb in greatness below!


Kesha stated as she posted a teaser yesterday, “This is more than a song, it is a declaration of my truth”.