NEW MUSIC: Kelis – Alive


Kelis is back with a new sound on her fresh track ‘Alive’. Kelis has covered all types of sounds through her career, and now she gives us a more sexy and R&B feel with a bit of trap sound. ‘Alive’ is probably one of my favorite tracks from Kelis thus far, and I think this type of sound fits her voice perfectly, I really hope her album sounds a lot more like this. This amazing track has been produced by the equally amazing Diplo and Switch, who in my eyes have done no wrong with their switchover to R&B artists. This track is absolute perfection, and I’m now excited to hear what the rest of her album might sound like!


NEW MUSIC: Skream – Copy Cat [Ft. Kelis]

Skream has been one of my favorites after hearing his album Outside the Box, and now he is getting ready to release his next album, starting with the release of ‘Copy Cat’ featuring Kelis. Kelis has made a major shift in her sound since her ‘Milkshake’ days but I think it works for her, and now she lends her vocals to this Skream produced beat, and it just all comes together perfectly. The beat is sexy, and Kelis sounds just as sexy over it. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Skreams next album!