NEW MUSIC: M.I.A – Bird Song (Diplo Remix)


M.I.A is pulling out all the stops for, what may be, her last album. She has given us the banger, “Go Off“, and now she tones it down with a Diplo Remix of the track,”Bird Song”.

Earlier this month, she released the Blaqstarr remix to this track, and now we have Diplo giving us his take on the kazoo filled track. If you didn’t know M.I.A and Diplo haven’t had the best track record with each other, but I’m glad they were able to settle their differences because I believe it is a pair that can’t be matched.

Take a listen to the Diplo remix below, and after the jump is the Blaqstarr remix!

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NEW MUSIC: Major Lazer – Cold Water [Justin Bieber & MØ]


Major Lazer has given us yet another smash. They enlist superstar Justin Bieber and MØ, who was one of the talents on their previous smash, “Lean On”. “Cold Water” was written by Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran and you can definitely hear their influences throughout the track.

We are all used to hearing Major Lazer with some hard hitting summer smashes, but they decide to tone it down with this one and I think it is perfection. While Justin Bieber sounds fantastic on this track, I believe that MØ stole the show on this one. Although her part is short, the quirky and unique vocals are perfectly fitting over this track.

“Cold Water” is a fresh and new take from what we have been hearing on the radio these days. Major Lazer has been churning out the bangers and whenever they decide to release their next album, I see great things happening for them.

NEW MUSIC: Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now [Ft. Justin Bieber]



After hearing the Missy cut from the much anticipated Jack U album, we get another taste with this Justin Bieber collaboration. It is a very strange collaboration, but I have to say it works quite well, Justin pours his heart out on an almost hypnotizing beat and it works great. After hearing both cuts from the album, I am pretty excited to hear this in whole, I have been a fan of both Skrillex and Diplo for quite some time so I don’t think they will disappoint with this one!

NEW MUSIC: Jack Ü – Take Ü There [Ft. Kiesza & Missy Elliott]


After her iconic Superbowl performance, Missy Elliott might actually be making the comeback we have been waiting for. She teased us with a comeback a couple of years ago, and never dropped anything after that. She has been previewing pictures of her and Timbaland in the studio, and now she features on this Jack Ü track, which is definitely a hard hitter. I have been waiting to hear what Missy does in this day in music. I love this track, and I have been looking forward to this Jack Ü collaboration for a while now, this is just the beginning.

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean – Hero [Ft. Diplo, Mick Jones & Paul Simonon]



In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong when Frank Ocean is on anything, this just adds to my point. Frank Ocean has been a bit quiet lately since his debut album, and I hope that this is the beginning of that change. This track produced by one of my favorites, Diplo, fits Frank’s smooth and soulful vocals so well. I’m not sure what Converse has to do with this, but I honestly don’t care if it brought us this, enjoy!

NEW MUSIC: Kelis – Alive


Kelis is back with a new sound on her fresh track ‘Alive’. Kelis has covered all types of sounds through her career, and now she gives us a more sexy and R&B feel with a bit of trap sound. ‘Alive’ is probably one of my favorite tracks from Kelis thus far, and I think this type of sound fits her voice perfectly, I really hope her album sounds a lot more like this. This amazing track has been produced by the equally amazing Diplo and Switch, who in my eyes have done no wrong with their switchover to R&B artists. This track is absolute perfection, and I’m now excited to hear what the rest of her album might sound like!


NEW MUSIC: Marsha Ambrosius – Cold War [Produced by Diplo]


I’m not sure where this track is from, maybe Marsha’s next album either way its freaking amazing! I fully support Diplo producing tracks for R&B singers. First he made the amazing ‘Climax’ for Usher, and now this masterpiece for Marsha Ambrosius. Don’t get taken away by the production though, Marsha sounds absolutely amazing as usual and this track is definitely going to be big!

NEW VIDEO: Diplo – Express Yourself [Ft. Nicky Da B]

Everyone loves a good non-sense dance track every once in a while right?

Well when its made by super producer Diplo, how can you not love it!
The video really has no depth, the cover art for the single is basically exactly what your going to get out of the video, and song. If your passion is ass shaking, then this is definitely the new tune of the month for you! It’s just a fun song on top of a Diplo beat. Definitely doesn’t get better than that.

Take a look!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Climax (Prod. by Diplo)

THIS is where Usher belongs! A little R&B and a little Electronic vibe. I absolutely LOVE this track. His dance stuff did sell quite a bit, but I definitely see this doing well if people know whats good. The track is produced by one of my favorite DJ’s, Diplo.  I’m not sure what the track is for, it might be for Diplo’s album, because I haven’t heard talks for Usher’s album yet, but who knows!