NEW MUSIC: Leo Kalyan – Temptation


The amazing Leo Kalyan is back with a new track, and we may love him even more.

“Temptation” just oozes sexy, with the mix of house and pop, this track is an absolute smash. The pulsating beat is catchy, while Leo gives his signature smooth vocals. With previous releases like “Day Dream” and “Versailles” under his belt, we’re convinced this man can do anything.

We can’t wait to hear what else this man brings us, but in the meantime this will be on heavy rotation!

NEW MUSIC: Leo Kalyan – Lean On & On


I needed a minute to absorb everything that is happening in this track before I was able to post it.

Leo Kalyan just gained so much respect for smashing this mash-up of Major Lazer and Erykah Badu. With his recent release of visuals from “Daydream”, he continues his reign combining so many influences from every genres.

This track is the perfect blend of sexy and soulful to make one incredible mash-up by a rising talent. Leo doesn’t quite have an album under his belt yet, but I feel it will be a big one that can stand alongside the likes of Jamie Woon and James Blake.

Take a listen below!!

NEW VIDEO: Leo Kalyan – Daydream

Leo Kalyan has been on my radar for quite some time, but I just never found the right time to introduce you to this rising talent. With the release of his newest visual for “Daydream”, there really isn’t a better way to start.

Leo Kalyan hails from the UK and givesĀ us a perfect blend of smooth sexy R&B mixed with a little pop flavor which makes for some seriously good music. This track was released back in March, but after seeing the accompanying visuals, I couldn’t let this go unnoticed. Leo gave Complex a quote about this song which sums it up perfectly, “It’s a song about your imagination being the only place where you are free”.

Get educated now, this guy is going to be big!