NEW MUSIC: Iolite – Sapphire


Introducing some fresh talent to you in the form of Iolite!

Iolite is a Denver local delivering some dark pop vibes that we can’t get enough of. “Sapphire” is an attitude filled, hard hitting anthem. There are definitely some Lorde/BANKS vibes here with the alt-pop vibes, but other than that, Iolite is definitely paving her own sound.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear more from this upcoming talent, and hopefully a tour will be in the works!

The video definitely gives me Beyonce, “Hold Up” vibes, but we aren’t mad at that. If she is going to keep giving us tracks like this we are all here for it!

NEW MUSIC: Lorde – Liability


Lorde tries to gain more momentum after releasing the Taylor Swift B-side, “Green Light“, giving us a softer side on “Liability”. The track is under 3 minutes, and actually isn’t terrible. It is a pretty basic track overall, but it gives a chance to listen to Lorde’s actual vocals without all that production behind it.

“Liability” is beautiful to an extent, it is definitely not the trademark Lorde sound that I’m waiting to hear, but it is a step in the right direction. That being said, I don’t find myself coming back to this track anytime soon, and my excitement for Melodrama is slowly fading.

Lorde’s “comeback” album, Melodrama, is due out June 16th. So far, definitely not worth the money.

NEW MUSIC/VIDEO: Lorde – Green Light

Lorde has finally made her long awaited comeback dropping a new track and visuals for her return! “Green Light” is definitely something very unexpected that we are used to hearing from the quirky songstress.

Lorde gives us an almost brighter sound with production that could easily be fit for Taylor Swift or Coldplay, and while that isn’t the worst comparison, it is for Lorde. Her 2013 album, Pure Heroin, broke boundaries and changed the music game giving life to artists like Flume and Kiiara. “Green Light” just kind of falls flat for me, and there is nothing there to stand out.

In addition, she has given us the title of her upcoming album, Melodrama, which she says is inspired by David Bowie. I’m still slightly interested in hearing it, so hopefully her next single will change the game again.

NEW VIDEO: Lorde – Tennis Court

Lorde has been gaining quite a bit of buzz recently over the internet, and just yesterday she released her video for her quite amazing single ‘Tennis Court’. If you don’t know Lorde, you will probably love her if your a fan of Lana Del Rey, they both sound very much the same. I hate to say it, but I haven’t seen anything yet that sets the 2 apart, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but also no the best. I do love ‘Tennis Court’ although comparable to Lana, either way both are very good. Enjoy!