NEW VIDEO: Becky Hill – Losing

Becky Hill, who was eliminated in the semi-final of The Voice UK, has graced us with her amazing talents. This was a season of the voice that I actually watched, and I was rooting for her, along with Vince Kidd, but that’s besides the point. Becky Hill was a standout because of her amazing and unique vocal ability, and now she has done what few can do, and transferred her talents to a fantastic song. Let’s hope the UK latches on to this tune because it could be huge!

NEW MUSIC: Rochelle Jordan – Losing

One of my favorite R&B singers out right now has released yet another winner. Rochelle Jordan is definitely keeping it smooth with this track, and you can’t deny the Aaliyah vibes she has going on. Definitely love everything about this girl, and it is nice to have some hope that R&B hasn’t completely lost its way in the world of dance music.

Thank you RoJo!