NEW MUSIC: Rochelle Jordan – Lowkey [Ft. JMSN]



Now that fall has kicked in, I feel like the release of this track is just perfect. I have been a fan of both Rochelle Jordan and JMSN for quite some time now, both are huge talents in their own respects. So, needless to say, when the two join forces only perfection would come from it. ‘Lowkey’ is straight night time vibes, RoJo keeps it smooth with her vocals and later JMSN comes in and kills his verse and just adds to the flow of the track. These two fit perfectly together, even though separately their styles are quite different sounding.

These guys deserve so much credit because this track is definitely going to be on repeat for a while!

NEW VIDEO: Rochelle Jordan – Shotgun

The talented Rochelle Jordan releases her first full length music video for the sexy and smooth track, ‘Shotgun’. I have been following her career for some time now, and after the release of P R E S S U R E, she has been on my radar even more. P R E S S U R E has been on constant replay since it’s release and I’m glad to see her moving forward with it. ‘Shotgun’ is a standout track for me, and the visuals give it more of a haunting quality, but yet still smooth R&B all the way through.

Watch out for RoJo!

NEW MUSIC: Rochelle Jordan – Pressure

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I have been a fan of RoJo for quite some time now, she is doing something a lot of people are not, and that is releasing some good R&B music. You can’t deny the Aaliyah comparisons, but even with that she manages to have her own spin on things and it is amazing. Rochelle just released her LP titled Pressure. I haven’t given the whole thing a listen yet, but knowing her music she hasn’t failed me yet.

Take a listen below to the title track off the FREE LP, and go download and spread the music!

NEW MUSIC: Rochelle Jordan – Losing

One of my favorite R&B singers out right now has released yet another winner. Rochelle Jordan is definitely keeping it smooth with this track, and you can’t deny the Aaliyah vibes she has going on. Definitely love everything about this girl, and it is nice to have some hope that R&B hasn’t completely lost its way in the world of dance music.

Thank you RoJo!


NEW MUSIC: Wingate – Just For The Night [Ft. Rochelle Jordan]

This post is just because Rochelle Jordan is involved in this song, and I love her. I’m not too sure about Wingate, but on this song his verses are pretty good. Rochelle Jordan flows over the chorus in her smooth R&B vocals, and while this is a Wingate track, it definitely sounds like a RoJo track.

Anyway, if your a fan of this song, I recommended you check out some of Rochelle Jordan’s stuff, it is all amazing!


Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan is bringing smooth R&B vibes back all the way from Canada. I have been following this lady for quite some time now and I’m loving hearing the different tracks she has been dropping. She has just now starting putting on shows, and I can’t say enough how bad I want her to tour the USA or at least Texas. I love everything about her, she has a slight Aaliyah comparison, with a little more of The Weeknd thrown in, and the end result is Rochelle Jordan. Check out her tracks after the jump!

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