One of the members of one of the BIGGEST bands in the world, BTS, released his second solo EP yesterday and we  already can’t get enough of it!

RM gives us some seriously smooth vibes on every track throughout the EP (or “playlist” as he is calling it). Along with some collaborations from NELL, eAeon, and one of our recent favorites Honne. The EP only features 7 tracks, but we are loving every single one of them.

We highly suggest you dive in as soon as possible below!



Yeah, this is real life.

Surprising every single person on the internet, the great Jai Paul treats us with what could be one of the best mixtapes of the year. Giving us 16 untitled tracks, some of which include the incredible ‘Jasmine’ and BTSTU’, Jai Paul gives us everything we have been waiting for the past 6 years. There isn’t much else to say, just listen to it, and buy it because it is DEFINITELY worth the money.

Listen to the mixtape here!



The amazing JoJo graces us with yet another mixtape, titled ‘Agape’. The mixtape is filled of smooth r&b, and a couple of interludes of some of her family conversations, which I’m not sure why that’s in there. Either way, the mixtape is another fantastic addition to the music library, and I still have no idea what is taking so long for her to release her next album, but this will definitely tie me over until then!

NEW MUSIC: Lyrica Anderson – Mixtape [Ft. Missy Elliott]

My interest with Lyrica Anderson sparked after randomly seeing her on stage at this years SXSW in Austin,TX. I then looked up what she had going for her and had further interest after hearing ‘Love Me‘, now she is ready to release her mixtape King Me. Now with the help of the returning Missy Elliott on her fire verse, Lyrica gives us some smooth R&B to jam to as ‘mixtape’ is her first single off her new, well, mixtape.

Lyrica Anderson just keeps getting better and better, and when her mixtape drops tomorrow, I’m sure it could give her a place in the spotlight. King Me is out tomorrow!

FREE MIXTAPE: Jay Norton – The Spare Room Sessions

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I first discovered this talent while doing a random search on youtube, and I was instantly hooked on his vocals. Many youtube videos later, he has graced us with a mixtape titled ‘Spare Room Sessions’. The mixtape is filled with covers from the likes of Robyn and mashups of 2 artists such as James Blake & Wiz Khalifa, and he even threw in a couple of original demos on there. I think this guys vocals are pretty amazing, and it’s definitely just the beginning for him. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for 2012!