NEW MUSIC: Swindle x Daley – Sympathy



I have been waiting to hear Daley‘s vocals for so long now. He has finally graced us with this amazing collaboration with Swindle. I am not familiar with Swindle right now, but after hearing this greatness I will definitely do some back-tracking.

This track is all funk with a very Prince inspired sound, if you can’t already tell from the cover art of the EP. Purple Walls is a short four track EP that will be released in February. For now we have the Daley assisted track in all its greatness to tide us over. Take a listen to the track below!

NEW MUSIC: Prince – Breakfast Can Wait


Funky to the max.

The Purple one is slowly making his return to the scene, releasing ‘Screwdriver’ last week, now with this sexy funk track ‘Breakfast Can Wait’. When it comes to Prince, he hardly disappoints, and this track is proof. ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ is basically just Prince doing exactly what he does best. Staying funky, and smooth just like he always has. Like before, there isn’t much to be said about this track, just listen and put on repeat!

NEW MUSIC: Prince – Screwdriver


The legend that is Prince is back with some amazing new music titled ‘Screwdriver’. This track is definitely everything that Prince is musically, and if you’ve heard any Prince song it fits just perfectly with it, I love every moment of it. While it has been a while since we have heard from Prince, rumor has it that he has big things planned for this year and I guess it begins with this track. I look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing the next stage in Prince’s career!