NEW MUSIC: Tove Lo – Disco Tits



Among all the tracks we have been hearing recently, Tove Lo has given us the banger that we have been waiting for. “Disco Tits” is a perfect quirky and fun blend of pop perfection that we have been needing all our lives.

Tove Lo has taken a more sexy approach and just completely owning it. I can’t even begin to talk about the Daft Punk sounding production on this track, everything just blends so perfectly. All I know is that this track has been on heavy rotation since it was released and we will keep on blasting it.


NEW MUSIC: Britney Spears – Make Me [Ft. G-Eazy]


Britney Spears is back, and this time, it’s just ok.

I’m usually excited for new music from pop mega-stars such as Britney, but after giving this a couple of listens, it fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, it is an absolute smash, but not for someone like Britney. The first 10 seconds sound like that Nick Jonas and Tove-Lo collab, “Close“. Then the rest of it sound like a mix of Kiiara’s “Gold” and some sort of Flume knock off.

With all those comparisons being said, I see exactly why she took this route because each of those tracks has smashed the charts. As for a Britney move, I expected something bigger and filled with more energy. To add to the generic track, she adds rapper of the moment to the mix, G-Eazy.

Either way, this track is going to do wonders on the charts and everything because it just fits right in. I’m hoping for something else the next time around!

If you want a smash by a pop superstar, see Fergie’s “M.I.L.F


NEW MUSIC: Flume – Say It [Ft. Tove Lo]


Flume hasn’t dropped an album since 2012, but all of a sudden has been gaining a lot of popularity with his chart topping smash, “Never Be Like You”. Those of you who follow LLM will know that you have heard Flume from his Chet Faker collaboration that I fell in love with early on, “Drop The Game“.

Flume has changed things up for his second album Skin, which is scheduled to drop on May 27th. Flume hasn’t quite fallen in he “radio friendly” category, I would just say that Top 40 is slowly changing and is more open to new genres and artists than before.

“Say It” is almost a toned down version of his previous hit, “Never Be Like You”. The production on the chorus is massive, and Tove Lo adds her signature sultry vocals over production that feels very comfortable for her seeing as she gained her success with “Stay High”. There is no telling when this song will gain it’s success, because Flume’s previous track has yet to die down, but for now enjoy it below!

NEW VIDEO: Years & Years – Desire [Ft. Tove Lo] (Remix)


One of my favorite bands to come out of the past 5 years, has definitely been the trio Years & Years. With the song growing in popularity, it is only right that they bring in indie ‘it’ girl, Tove Lo, for the remix of ‘Desire’.

I really hope that his remix gives the push this gem needs to break the USA because they are such a talented band. The song didn’t need any help to begin with, it is a certified smash, but the addition of Tove Lo will give it some more credibility for sure.

If you remember correctly the music video was released in 2014, and they have just given it more life by adding a whole new spin. It follows the song lyrics more closely, almost portraying a giant orgy in a way. I feel like front man Olly Alexander had something to do with the concept of the new video. I love the song either way, and I seriously hope this band does well over here!

Now, I will just wait patiently for new Years & Years music.