NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber – You Want Me


Alright, I haven’t been the BIGGEST Biebs fan, but slowly but surely he is proving me wrong, which I have no problem with. I’m not sure if this track is off his forthcoming album or what, but I have to admit this is a little bit of a sexy smooth song. It has its Timberlake elements, and also at times sounds like the song should be sung by a boy band. After a couple of listens though it does stay in your head, and although there isn’t much going on lyrically, I have to say if this is the next step in his career, he could be doing all the right things. That being said, it does sound A LOT like a Timberlake track, which wouldn’t be a problem at all if the king wasn’t making his comeback this year.

All the best of luck Biebs!