NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Birthday Cake [Ft. Chris Brown]

yup, you read correctly again.

Worldwide Megastar has gone and released one of her most anticipated songs on her Talk That Talk album, ‘Birthday Cake’. Aside from her ‘Turn Up The Music‘ collab with Breezy, this one just got its release too.

Listen below: (for now, until i find a stream)


If you care for my thoughts on this whole situation it will be after the jump:

Keeping in mind ‘Cake’ is definitely a FIRE track on her album, and I LOVE everything about Rihanna, but I’m not sure this was the best idea for a collaboration. This is definitely going to send half the world into a frenzy, and I guarantee Rihanna will loose A LOT of fans.I also kind of hate to admit it but I think this track is PURE FIRE! (ooops). I don’t see what people are going crazy about. OBVIOUSLY they are over it, there are no confirmed rumors of them dating again (THAT would be a VERY bad idea), so if 2 people want to come together to make music why not?

Also having said that I personally believe that just because they collaborate on a song together shouldn’t mean anything at all, music is music, and personal life should be left out when it comes to that. That won’t be the case at all considering how extreme the situation was and how much it got dragged out. I think people who love the song will listen to it, and people who hate it will rant on about how bad of a decision it is.

In all fairness, if your ‘Idol’ or ‘Role Model’ is Chris Brown OR Rihanna, come on? really?!

In conclusion:
Is it a bad idea? of course.
Do they care? not one bit.
Should we? no.


We will have to wait and see how this unfolds in the next week.

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