NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- Party and Bullshit

Previously mentioned Rita Ora, has released her much anticipated debut single.
I’m kind of disappointed with this track, I mean it’s catchy, and definitely a good song for the season, a little bit of a Jessie J rip off. She seems to have a lot going for her, but for a debut single, this isn’t up to par at all. Especially being a female, she has A LOT of competition right now and this doesn’t compete with the distinct sounds of what they debuted with at all.

I mean I like it, but I don’t see it furthering her career at all. I would have expected something more detailed, or more exciting than this.
I don’t know what direction she is going in for her album but let’s hope she doesn’t put out more ‘Radio friendly’ tracks.

One response to “NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- Party and Bullshit

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