NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azelea – Black Widow [Ft. Rita Ora]



Always been a pretty big Iggy fan, and with the release of her smash tune, ‘Fancy’, she definitely hooked my interest on her upcoming album, The New Classic. The album has leaked, and I have to say it’s definitely a smash, and my favorite song to come off of it is definitely, the Rita Ora featured track, ‘Black Widow’.

Now, everyone knows how I feel about miss Rita, but all feelings aside, she killed the hook on this track. As usual, Iggy kills her flow, and this track is pure gold, I even see it getting some radio treatment, and maybe giving Rita the boost she knows to have a career that is worthy of her looks.

Anyway, I digress, listen below!


NEW VIDEO: Rita Ora – How We Do (Party)

The talented Brit releases her first solo video for her average debut single. I am trying so hard to like this girl, but she is giving me nothing to work with. This track fits in on the radio but doesn’t stand out when you have Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, and others to compare it to. She has a great voice, she looks fantastic, but yet, there is just something missing. The video is fun and stuff, but if your facing Rihanna comparisons, you have to come harder with it!

I’m trying!

NEW VIDEO: Rita Ora – R.I.P. [Ft. Tinie Tempah]

The talented Rita Ora drops a video for her debut Rihanna rip off single, R.I.P.
While the song is just alright, the video doesn’t help it either. She looks good in it, and I love how the video is done, it just doesn’t do anything. Easily forgettable.

I still have high hopes for her, she has quite a bit of talent so maybe if she can get signed to someone else rather than being Rihanna’s shadow, she could have quite an impact on the business.

NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- R.I.P [Ft. Tinie Tempah]

Recently featured Rita Ora is trying to have quite a strong debut by releasing her Chase & Status produced tune, ‘R.I.P’ featuring UK rapper Tinie Tempah. This is the UK debut single she is going to have and I can clearly see why, it is definitely a lot more hard hitting than her USA debut ‘Party & Bullshit‘.

Take a Listen:

Although not as strong and catchy as ‘Hot Right Now’ with DJ Fresh, but definitely a strong debut. The original Chase & Status produced beat comes from Nneka’s ‘Heartbeat‘ remix, and honestly I prefer this Rita Ora version to that one. That being said, I’m not sure which single I prefer out of the two, seeing as ‘Party’ has grown on me since its first listen. It really is two different musical worlds, one is more dubstep influenced and a little like a Rihanna ‘Rated R’ throw away, the other is kind of like a Jessie J throw away track. Either way, I know she has way more vocal potential than both of these tracks, and I hope she releases a tune that shows that. I still haven’t given up on her just yet, I just hope she doesn’t sell out to the business.

Still good though

NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- Party and Bullshit

Previously mentioned Rita Ora, has released her much anticipated debut single.
I’m kind of disappointed with this track, I mean it’s catchy, and definitely a good song for the season, a little bit of a Jessie J rip off. She seems to have a lot going for her, but for a debut single, this isn’t up to par at all. Especially being a female, she has A LOT of competition right now and this doesn’t compete with the distinct sounds of what they debuted with at all.

I mean I like it, but I don’t see it furthering her career at all. I would have expected something more detailed, or more exciting than this.
I don’t know what direction she is going in for her album but let’s hope she doesn’t put out more ‘Radio friendly’ tracks.


As the title says, there has been some buzz going on with her recently, I heard her song ‘Hot Right Now‘ with DJ Fresh, which is a HUGE  dubstep/dance tune in the UK, but after that I didn’t really hear anything from her until more recently. She is signed to Roc Nation (Bridget Kelly, Jay Z,  & J.Cole) and is I’m hearing talks that she has premiered her first single ‘Party and Bullshit’ just a few hours ago on Z100. Aside from her being drop dead gorgeous, she is REALLY talented too. Check some of her videos after the jump!

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