NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- R.I.P [Ft. Tinie Tempah]

Recently featured Rita Ora is trying to have quite a strong debut by releasing her Chase & Status produced tune, ‘R.I.P’ featuring UK rapper Tinie Tempah. This is the UK debut single she is going to have and I can clearly see why, it is definitely a lot more hard hitting than her USA debut ‘Party & Bullshit‘.

Take a Listen:

Although not as strong and catchy as ‘Hot Right Now’ with DJ Fresh, but definitely a strong debut. The original Chase & Status produced beat comes from Nneka’s ‘Heartbeat‘ remix, and honestly I prefer this Rita Ora version to that one. That being said, I’m not sure which single I prefer out of the two, seeing as ‘Party’ has grown on me since its first listen. It really is two different musical worlds, one is more dubstep influenced and a little like a Rihanna ‘Rated R’ throw away, the other is kind of like a Jessie J throw away track. Either way, I know she has way more vocal potential than both of these tracks, and I hope she releases a tune that shows that. I still haven’t given up on her just yet, I just hope she doesn’t sell out to the business.

Still good though

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