NEW MUSIC: Daley – Remember Me [Ft. Jessie J]

Those of you who have been following the site probably saw my entry on Daley a while back, since then he has been teasing us with countless pictures in the studio with some big name artists. Finally he releases his Debut single from his upcoming album! Accompanied by the soulful Jessie J, Daley throws his own amazing vocals down on an equally amazing beat that just makes magic. Daley is bringing back the meaning of R&B with this, and I have no doubt that his album will be amazing, now I just need a USA tour from him before he hits the big time!

Daley has been on my radar since his first couple of youtube videos, and now he has an album in the works, I have no doubt that he will be big in no time at all, especially after this single!

Take a listen below, and if you haven’t downloaded his FREE mixtape, DO IT NOW!


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