NEW VIDEO: Jessie J – Think About That

Jessie JĀ has given us so many bangers over the last 6 years, there is no doubt about that. Many of her stand out tracks have been those from an emotional place (“Who You Are” “Big White Room“), but there is something different about this track.

“Think About That” comes from a whole different place, and while it is emotional it is also a masterpiece. She croons her amazing vocals over a simple hip-hop piano fused beat. The lyrics pick up and she opens up about the relationship damaging not only her life but her career. We have always been a huge supporter of Jessie J and her talent, so its refreshing to have her back.

This may be one of my favorite songs from her since her debut album back in 2011. She announced her next studio albumĀ R.O.S.E will be out this year, and this is the first single. We are so excited to hear this album and we are finally hoping she throws a US tour behind it!

NEW VIDEO: Jessie J – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Cover)

I have always thought Jessie J was a superstar. Her first album was pure pop perfection, and in the years to follow she kind of lost that raw soul, and transitioned to more pop. She has had some smash hits since then, and then kind of disappeared from the game, until now.

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, while still a cover, is absolutely amazing. It is for a makeup campaign so there is no word on new music from her just yet. The arrangement and just hearing her vocals again is what excites me.

Jessie J is a full on artist with amazing song-writing abilities and a voice to match. She is the full package, and I hope this track will transition to new music because she is definitely missed.

After the jump, take a listen to one of the greatest songs of our generation written by the amazing Jessie J.

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NEW MUSIC: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang


Three of musics biggest women are joining forces to create a huge, hard hitting ladies anthem. While I feel like all three of them could have brought something fantastic the table, they played the radio friendly route and brought the pop friendly anthem. This song is already huge on itunes charts, and no doubt will at least hit top 5 billboard. I do like the song, but I am a bit disappointed, all this talent, and this is what comes from it.

In other news, the ladies are supposed to perform this track at the Video Music Awards coming up soon!

NEW MUSIC: Jessie J – Excuse My Rude [Ft. Becky G]


After releasing a terrible single ‘It’s My Party’, Jessie J brings back all her momentum by releasing this big track titled ‘Excuse My Rude’. This track is everything that I love about Jessie J, it has her trademark vocals, and yet she keeps it hard hitting over an equally hard beat. The added feature of Becky G just adds to the perfection of this track. She just needs to throw away her first attempt at a single, and release this instead.

Let’s hope her album sounds more like this, and less like the previous track.

NEW MUSIC: Jessie J – It’s My Party


When Jessie J first made her youtube debut, I fell in love with her perfect vocal ability. Since then she has released a mediocre debut album, and catchy yet generic pop singles that do nothing for her as an artist. I was excited for her to come out with new music when I heard ‘Wild‘ which ended up only being released in the UK and smashing the charts over there, but I loved it regardless.

As for ‘It’s My Party’, well it sounds like a step below ‘Domino’, and is probably her worst single to date. She has made no progression as an artist and is just following the pop trends. She has the talent to stand out but these trashy singles are going to get her left behind. Jessie J, step your game up!

NEW VIDEO: Daley – Remember Me [Ft. Jessie J]

I have been a supporter of Daley for quite some time now, and he never disappoints me with his musical talent. ‘Remember Me’ is just the beginning of this talent’s long career. Jessie J and Daley look absolutely amazing, and the video just makes the song that much better! I can’t stress enough about how excited I am to purchase Daley’s album. If you don’t know Daley by now, please fix that.

NEW MUSIC: Daley – Remember Me [Ft. Jessie J]

Those of you who have been following the site probably saw my entry on Daley a while back, since then he has been teasing us with countless pictures in the studio with some big name artists. Finally he releases his Debut single from his upcoming album! Accompanied by the soulful Jessie J, Daley throws his own amazing vocals down on an equally amazing beat that just makes magic. Daley is bringing back the meaning of R&B with this, and I have no doubt that his album will be amazing, now I just need a USA tour from him before he hits the big time!

Daley has been on my radar since his first couple of youtube videos, and now he has an album in the works, I have no doubt that he will be big in no time at all, especially after this single!

Take a listen below, and if you haven’t downloaded his FREE mixtape, DO IT NOW!