NEW EP: Conrad Sewell – All I Know


I’m a little behind on this one, part of the reason is because I have been listening to this EP on repeat since it’s release. For those who don’t know Conrad Sewell, check out our post for our Artists to watch this year. This guy has so much talent, and last month he gave us a taste of what his album will sound like in the form of the, All I Know, EP.

Take a listen below!



In this short yet mesmerizing six-track EP, Conrad gives us a little of each side of him. He starts his EP with an emotional and raw ballad in with “Start Again”, in which he croons about a failed relationship. The vocals are something else on this track, at times it sounds like he is taking us to church. The track doesn’t need much production wise, because it is just one of those tracks you want to take in every lyric.

The next two tracks, might be standouts for me, have been on heavy rotation since I first heard them. These tracks almost resemble King MJ at times, I was instantly hooked as soon as I heard them. “Shadow” is definitely my favorite track off the entire EP, but like a good album should, it definitely changes from day to day.

If you aren’t sold by the EP by track five, well here is your reason to pick it up immediately. A track that was already one of my favorites of last year, by the newcomer Kygo features the talented Conrad with his track ‘Firestone’. This time around, he strips it down and gives us the acoustic form of an already amazing track, giving it so much more life and meaning. He ends the EP with the sentimental, “Remind Me”. It is the perfect way to end such a dynamic EP. It has the makings for such an epic track, and I don’t know how many times I can rave about his vocal ability, but they soar on this track for sure.

I am constantly blown away by his talent and vocal ability, and I get to see this talent tomorrow live as he opens for another favorite, Jess Glynn. I have seen a few YouTube videos of him performing acoustically live, and there is no way this man can disappoint.


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