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This time around for my Artist Spotlight feature, I have given the spotlight to the talented vocalist known as, Leroy Sanchez. I stumbled upon his Youtube covers a little bit ago, and I can’t get enough of his vocal ability.

I’m not sure where he is in his career, all I know is that he has a couple of music videos up on youtube, one of which being “By My Side”. All his videos were released over a year ago, so I’m not sure if he is still crafting his sound because it seems by his Youtube covers that he is definitely maturing as an artist.

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I hate to admit it, but I actually prefer his guy in his acoustic, stripped back form. That isn’t a bad thing at all, because I believe that he could easily mesmerize an audience with his shows. I find myself checking out his YouTube covers more than his original music, specifically his Sam Smith and Adele covers.

This Sam Smith covers is one of my favorite by him, based solely on the fact that it is in it’s basic form but he sounds absolutely amazing.

I have taken a listen to all of his original music and I have to say that “By My Side” is definitely my favorite, which you can check out below. It has a catchy chorus and still is able to show off his amazing vocals.

I don’t know much about Leroy Sanchez, but I know he is lightly touring, mostly in LA. I do hope he finds his way through the business because there is something very special about his voice and I really do believe he could have a huge career.

I have a lot of support for him and will keep you guys updated on other covers!

Check him out


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