NEW MUSIC: Juciy J & Wiz Khalifa – You [Ft. Liam Payne]


Alright, first things first….what?

Now that the confusion has set in, we can get down to the real aspects of this track here. I am honestly just posting this because of the Liam feature. I don’t really care for anyone on this track, I just thought it was an interesting collaboration seeing as we have a former OneDirection member on here.

The track is no where near and “Pillowtalk” standard, it probably won’t do anything on the carts either. It has a nice and smooth flow, and the hook is quite good. I have to say Liam actually does sound good in R&B form. If this is the direction that Liam is taking, it will definitely be interesting to say the least.

in a tweet by Liam, he claims that the track isn’t finished and it is just “Something I get up to on a weekend”. If these are the people he is hanging out with on a weekend, there is definitely more of this to come.

Take a listen to the most confusing collaboration of 2016 below!

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