NEW MUSIC: Juciy J & Wiz Khalifa – You [Ft. Liam Payne]


Alright, first things first….what?

Now that the confusion has set in, we can get down to the real aspects of this track here. I am honestly just posting this because of the Liam feature. I don’t really care for anyone on this track, I just thought it was an interesting collaboration seeing as we have a former OneDirection member on here.

The track is no where near and “Pillowtalk” standard, it probably won’t do anything on the carts either. It has a nice and smooth flow, and the hook is quite good. I have to say Liam actually does sound good in R&B form. If this is the direction that Liam is taking, it will definitely be interesting to say the least.

in a tweet by Liam, he claims that the track isn’t finished and it is just “Something I get up to on a weekend”. If these are the people he is hanging out with on a weekend, there is definitely more of this to come.

Take a listen to the most confusing collaboration of 2016 below!

NEW MUSIC: OneDirection – Story of My Life


I have actually been a fan of OneDirection since they debuted on Xfactor in the UK, and I have quietly supported them through all their same sounding singles, but now they have given me a reason to not be ashamed of my love for them. ‘Story of My Life’ has a very folk/indie sound to it, which is actually quite amazing. Channeling a bit of Mumford and Sons in way, but in a more pop-ish way, ‘Story of My Life’ is a huge step forward for the boys.

I definitely see this song coming on the radio and people falling in love with it, and then finding out it’s OneDirection. If they keep in this kind of direction, rather than the bubblegum pop they have been doing, they could be around for a very long time.

NEW VIDEO: OneDirection – Live While We’re Young

Yes, I admit I have a small liking to OneDirection, I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I do.

Now that it’s been said, let’s move on to the song/video. Nothing to in depth about the video, just like the others it shows boys being boys. A couple of group shots to show of their good looks, and a catchy yet suggestive song behind it. ‘Live While We’re Young’ is basically talking about ‘getting some’, and guess who will be singing along to this song? That’s right, everyone from the ages of 5 to16, perfect.

That being said, it is yet another smash hit for the boys, and easily fits on the radio. OneDirection is not going anywhere anytime soon, so they might as well take advantage of it while they can. I’ll be singing along to this in about a week.