NEW MUSIC: Juciy J & Wiz Khalifa – You [Ft. Liam Payne]


Alright, first things first….what?

Now that the confusion has set in, we can get down to the real aspects of this track here. I am honestly just posting this because of the Liam feature. I don’t really care for anyone on this track, I just thought it was an interesting collaboration seeing as we have a former OneDirection member on here.

The track is no where near and “Pillowtalk” standard, it probably won’t do anything on the carts either. It has a nice and smooth flow, and the hook is quite good. I have to say Liam actually does sound good in R&B form. If this is the direction that Liam is taking, it will definitely be interesting to say the least.

in a tweet by Liam, he claims that the track isn’t finished and it is just “Something I get up to on a weekend”. If these are the people he is hanging out with on a weekend, there is definitely more of this to come.

Take a listen to the most confusing collaboration of 2016 below!

NEW VIDEO – One Direction – Story of My Life

As you can tell by my previous post, I really love this song, and I was expecting a lot from the video and you know what, it actually delivers. I don’t know what these boys have in mind for their next album but if this is the sound they are going for they will have a whole new market eventually. Well, at least once everyone gets over the fact that it is One Direction and thinks about the music instead.


NEW VIDEO: One Direction – Kiss You

As many of you know, I am a fan of One Direction, I have been since their X-Factor UK run. Their latest album, although there isn’t much musical progression, is full of hits. ‘Kiss You’ being one of the biggest tracks on there, it’s the formula for the perfect pop song, and it’s definitely fitting that the biggest pop boyband take the song. The video isn’t the greatest, but I wasn’t expecting much. It’s cute, and directed at their fanbase which makes sense, but nothing visionary.

One Direction may not be making many moves musically just yet, but their team knows what they are doing, and I definitely see some big/different things coming from them very soon.

NEW VIDEO: One Direction – Little Things

I know this isn’t new, but I have just started listening to their most recent album, which is pretty much a repeat of their debut album, with just a little progress from a few tracks like this one. There is no denying that Ed Sheeran wrote this track, maybe that’s why I like it. The video is very stripped back from what they are used to, which is good because this track doesn’t need that much to make it better. I’m not sure what it is that draws me to One Direction, maybe because I followed them on X-factor while they were gaining their success, either way I’m always interested in seeing what they do next. There is also no denying that they are pretty good singers. Anyway, I’ll still be a fan for now.